2021 New Member Promotion

Ends May 15th, 2021

Our Best Promotion Ever 

50% off in 2021 -- 33% off in 2022 -- 25% off in 2023!

No multi-year commitment, join one year at a time!


Mr. Josh Dennie
Phone: (585) 880-4993
Email: Click Here


 2019 & 2020 members not eligible for new member promotion.

  Please note - Rates do not include applicable sales tax (charged on dues, carts, lockers). Additionally, there      is a $60 capital fee per individual membership ($120 for family) and $35 GHIN (handicap) fee per person.

Letter to Potential New Members:

Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club is continuing its best promotion ever. For new members, we are offering 50% off 2021 dues, 33% off 2022 dues, and 25% off 2023 dues, with no commitment beyond 2021. If you like us, stay. If not, you get a discounted year of golf at the area's premier semi-private club.

But why join the club in the first place, with many other golfing options available to you? READ MORE


Based on current dues, percentages apply if dues change.

F = Family Membership, I = Individual Membership