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Membership class is based upon oldest person in the membership as of December 31, 2020.

Prices shown are first-year discounted dues – 50% off.

Junior Membership not eligible for discount - $270 is standard price.

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By checking the box below, and submitting your name by electronic signature, the applicant agrees to comply with all terms and conditions as offered by Sodus Bay Heights Golf Club Inc., and as defined in the 2021 New Member Promotion Agreement.


Upon submission of application, the board of directors of Sodus Bay Heights will approve membership (typically a 2-business day process). From there, Brandon Butler (our business manager) will be in contact to coordinate payment (typically within 1 week).


Please note – Sodus Bay Heights is required to charge sales tax on dues, cart programs, and lockers. Additionally, there is a $60 capital fee per individual membership ($120 for family) and a $35 GHIN (handicap) fee per person.


For any questions, please contact:

Brandon Butler – Business Manager –– (315) 483-2094

Josh Dennie – Membership Director –– (585) 880-4993

Thank you for joining Sodus Bay Heights. We look forward to welcoming you to our golf club!

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